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Police and the Multi-Agency Digital Transformation: Are You Ready?
The purpose of this white paper is to discuss the challenges facing the country’s police officers and their departments. It will examine the benefits mobile applications and working can offer to facilitate and enhance shared services and collaboration between police forces and other public service bodies.

Ebook : The role of localization in today’s global economy
With the increasing trend toward global commerce, e-commerce, and m-commerce, companies now find themselves in a global market almost instantly. And while they have the skills to operate their businesses, often products, supporting content, or websites, are not necessarily prepared to present their goods or services for various non-English speaking markets.

The purpose of this e-book is to highlight the importance of localization, its implementation, and how companies can achieve success when their content is localized for global and domestic multicultural customers.

Interoperability for Emergency Services: Bridging the Gap in Communications to Help Prevent Disasters and Save Lives
Handling daily emergency communications is difficult enough under normal circumstances, but large-scale emergencies are particularly challenging because many responders are from different functional areas. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has identified interoperability as one of the key national priorities for first responders. As a result, the DHS, the National Guard, US Northern Command, and other federal agencies have joined forces to form the Responder Interoperable Communications Focus group (RICFG) to stress the importance of establishing cross-agency partnerships to enhance coordination, planning, and response. Yet even with this level of federal support and the availability of communications technologies, interoperability remains out of reach for many emergency responder organizations

Use Your Love of Hacking Professionally!
Does the thought of catching today’s hackers turn you on? Do you get a real buzz when someone asks you for help when they suspect someone has gained access to their website or forum? Do you enjoy analyzing multiple lines of code or IP addresses in search of things untoward? Do you want to jump into action when you hear that a network or application has been compromised?

If you’re answering “yes” to any of these questions, then . . .

Big Data for Today’s Business
Businesses are faced with many challenges, including how to handle the data that finds its way into every company. At first glance, data could be construed as merely emails, Tweets, financial records and photographs. . .

Disaster Recovery: Is Moving to the Cloud Your Best Move?
It’s just happened: a forklift has just accidentally broken into a circuit breaker box, causing significant damage. What do you do? Your system is down and you don’t know how long it will be until everything is back up and running.

10 Tips on Cooking and Food Supply for Dementia Caregivers
Preparing food is an activity many people enjoy throughout their lifetime. For people with dementia, helping with food preparation has extra benefits: it can not only help them maintain certain physical abilities, but also stimulate conversation with their caregiver as well as exercise their memory

The Benefits of Sage ERP X-3
A short article about how the popular Sage ERP X-3 software helps today’s businesses.

Use NLP selling techniques to increase your sales
Neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, is a set of skills and insights where you can use your mind, body, and emotions to successfully communicate with other people. Used initially as a method in psychotherapy, NLP has found its way into helping those involved in sales.

Trend Micro – Phishing and Botnets
This white paper examines the existence of and interactions within the botnet ecosystem that enables phishing—a fraudulent type of spam—and the ensuing damage it causes. This paper also provides information on how businesses and consumers can best protect themselves against these attacks, as well as the benefits of implementing such actions.

HP – Application Servers
A detailed overview of a form of middleware known as application servers.

HP – Effectively securing the SOA lifecycle
For positive business outcomes, service-oriented architecture (SOA) is undoubtedly the way to go. Find out how organizations can fully trust and secure a“loosely coupled architecture” that’s intrinsically flexible and reusable.

HP – Web Services Management and Identity Management
Armed with new tools for Web services management and identity management,developers can create better applications. These will not require troubleshooting after deployment, thereby helping both the development and IT operations teams. This white paper explains how and provides developers with ideas of things they can do to learn more.

Identity Management Competitive Analysis
This analysis examines how identity management vendors are positioning themselves in the global identity management market as well as the issues surrounding the issues driving companies to consider identity management solutions in the first place. This report will also review their strategies and the future directions the providers expect to take.

Verizon – Application aware networking
An efficient network helps decrease the risk of downtime and resulting financial losses, and it streamlines the experience of users, vendors, and customers. To benefit from the promise of efficient networks and the sophisticated, bandwidth-intensive applications that run on them, organizations need insight into their networks. That’s where application aware networking comes in.

Welcom Software – The Necessity of a Collaboration Tool in Today’s Projects
This paper examines the roles of various team members within a distributed environment and looks at how a collaboration tool can be of use in bringing projects to successful completion. The additional benefits of lower cost of ownership, absence of required training, and ease of integration with other key systems are also investigated.

Syntel – Six Steps to Migration Project Success
The goal of this white paper is to provide businesses with the understanding to select a migration strategy as well as six key steps to succeed when embarking on a migration project.

Tachographs: The basics
This guide explains what analogue and digital tachographs are, when they need to be used, and what transport operators or drivers need to do to comply with the rules on their use.

Operators and analogue tachographs
This guide gives information about managing, retaining, and storing drivers’ analogue tachograph charts.

Drivers and digital tachographs
This guide provides information on record keeping, applying for driver smart cards, and replacing a lost, stolen, or faulty card.

Cattle health
This guide provides information about the main diseases affecting cattle, including notifiable diseases that must be reported, and zoonoses that can infect humans. It covers general disease prevention and legal controls to prevent specific risks, as well as describing legal responsibilities relating to cattle feed, medicines, and hormonal treatments.

Farmed animal welfare at slaughter
This guide covers the welfare of farmed animals at slaughter or killing. It explains the legal requirements that protect animals at slaughter or killing and how these rules are enforced. It also explains how to apply for a provisional or registered slaughterman’s licence – and outlines the training, skills, and knowledge needed.

Managing livestock veterinary medicines
This guide outlines Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs), veterinary medicine withdrawal periods, how to keep food for human consumption safe and the legislation that applies. It also discusses residue surveillance monitoring and inspection, as well as where to find up to date information such as the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) withdrawal period tables.

It also tells how to identify veterinary medical products, keep records for the veterinary medicines used on animals and how to reduce the development of drug resistance. Finally, it gives guidance on how to report an adverse reaction to a veterinary medicine and what to do if you want to use organic standards for your animals’ withdrawal periods.

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